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Time to think about solar panels for your home or business rooftop. Are you a first timer, or need to expand? Time to start planning. 

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Tacoma Neighborhood Solar (TNS) - Overview



Tacoma Neighborhood Solar (TNS) is designed to bring solar electricity to homes in the city of Tacoma area through a series of informational and educational solar workshops. Designed to form a collective buying and social networking group of homeowners in each community. Expanding through neighborhood council districts in a fun, well thought out, planned and executed way.  


Interested community members will be invited to come together for a series of neigborhood community solar meetings to...  


1) help understand and explain what solar electric benefits are available to homeowners in Tacoma neighborhoods


2) host a series of community information and educational meetings about  solar and energy conservation in each local neighborhood


3) have a local solar installer talk alongside members of the TNS  team about the benefits of going solar in Tacoma, the installation process, the costs of going solar, the net metering process with TPU, the expected payback periods from historical data gathered over the last few years from actual homeowners in the NW area


4) invite homeowners who have solar installed in the neighborhood to share their experiences in the community neighborhood meetings


5) offer help understanding the financing through a local financial institute team member from Tacoma that specializes in solar and green funding


6) enjoy significant savings through the bulk purchase of solar systems through both hard and soft costs and financial discounts


7) network with other eager homeowners in the local neighborhood who are intersted in solar on their home and get positive feedback and support from local leaders and planners and actual solar homeowners in the neighborhood


8) celebrate the completion of each TNS neighborhood project with a social network party in the local neighborhood


If you have been thinking of installing a solar electric system on your home but aren’t sure who to hire, what to buy, where to start or how to get the best price possible, our Tacoma Neighborhood Solar team can help!

Workshops for solar are free and open to anyone interested in participating in this community-based project.


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