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GoLocalSolar Tacoma Projects with Crowdsourcing

GoLocalSolar Tacoma Projects with Crowdsourcing

by Robert Grothe, GoLocalSolar, editor

There are many crowdsourcing examples of neighborhood solar projects across America that can inspire us as people to get involved in energy conservation and Solar Energy participation. No reason why they shouldn't also work inside the city of Tacoma WA and surrounding communities. What it will take is for local Tacoma government and leaders to endorse these projects and give out incentives for local Tacoma people to participate in city wide solar projects. We see many focused crowdsourcing needs for the following proposed dream list of solar projects in Tacoma WA and managed by a new city of Tacoma commissioner titled "Tacoma Urban Planning & Solar Development Commissioner" to oversee it's growth and expansion. Join us in petitioning the city of Tacoma to create this commission and set aside budget money for it's operation in 2015-2020.  (note: click here to read a short news release of the need for solar in Tacoma!) 

Helping Neighborhood People GoLocalSolar in Tacoma!

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GoLocalSolar Tacoma Solar Projects (proposed startups 2014-2020)
Watch Here for Details and How You can Help Make This Dream List a Reality!    
* - designates project has started
(if you would like to lead or help with one of these projects contact Robert Grothe,  GLS Director)

  • *  Tacoma Neighborhood Solar (TNS) - local communities working together to collectively lower costs  (solar resources needed: southern facing solar rooftops, solar gardens, solar electric, solar hot water, shared solar, solar passive, solar driveways, solar energy storage, solar home EV charging stations)
  • Solar Business Districts Tacoma - local business/commercial/industrial - (solar resources needed: flattop solar roofs, southern facing solar roofs, mounted solar trackers and solar reflectors, solar awnings, solar parking lots, solar hot water, solar EV charging islands, solar energy storage, biophilic designs)
  • Solar Downtown Tacoma - (solar resources needed: solar garages, flattop solar roofs, solar reflectors, solar hot water, net zero high-rise buildings, solar roadways & parking lots, eco-rebuild architecture, biophilic designs, Amazon Biodome knockoff (OR actual structure), solar EV charging islands, solar energy storage) 
  • Solar School Career Day Workshops Tacoma - full week and one day career days for high school seniors all across the Tacoma schools system, with an emphasis on solar jobs and green sustainable careers
  • Solar School Workshops Tacoma - one day solar presentations and demonstrations all across the Tacoma schools system, highlighting the technology
  • Solar Schools Tacoma - all across the Tacoma schools system for near net zero operations (solar resources needed: solar parking lots, solar awnings, solar rooftops, solar picnic tables, solar energy storage)
  • Solar Churches Tacoma (other religious/non-profit buildings) - bringing community meetings places into near net-zero operations for solar electric and solar hot water   (solar resources needed: flat top solar roofs, solar hot water, solar parking lots, solar awnings, solar EV charging islands)
  • Solar Fire/Police Stations Tacoma - bringing to near net-zero all Tacoma Fire Stations and Police Stations which use lots of hot water and electricity for it's staff (even when there are no fires or disasters) putting solar hot water and solar electric within these community buildings will save the city of Tacoma big money for more important projects. We add energy storage devices to each building for emergency and disaster recovery and we keep hot water and electricity flowing in local communities even during area outages. With this project in place we add a BIG plus to our cities disaster recovery and community support network, because these are distributed support and community local. (solar resources needed: southern facing roofs, flat top roofs, solar electric, solar hot water, solar parking lots, solar streets, solar EV charging islands, energy storage, local WiFi, local clean water power towers)
  • Solar Parks Tacoma - Awnings/Coverings/Sheds/Educational Displays - all across the city in the many local parks
    • Solar Picnic Tables Tacoma /w local WiFi, LED solar lighting - outdoor local parks, common areas & campuses all across Tacoma
    • *  Solar Zoo Tacoma - near net zero animal enclosures, buildings, educational displays and entire compound implementing a local microgrid tied to local utility. (solar resources needed: solar pathways, solar parking lots, solar EV charging islands, solar picnic tables, southern facing rooftops, solar flat top roofs, solar awnings, biophilic designs, and solar energy storage)
  • Solar eBoat Marina and Docks Tacoma - supporting electric boats with solar covered awnings, solar pathways, solar energy storage (near water fronts to cut down on water pollution from fossil fuel use near shore and in the Puget Sound)
  • * Solar Floating Homes (eHouseboat) and Solar Floating Islands (interconnected floating homes) Tacoma - eHouseboats (floating homes), solar charging mooring station hubs (floating islands) and huge underwater solar energy storage farms, creating comfortable modern mobile living and floating green spaces (biophilic designs) in and around Tacoma and nearby islands (proposing a international project competition challenges/incentives by university funded teams for this one. Adding a proposed new solar category to the US Solar Decathlon 2017 going on every other year)  Note: special category for advanced designs and tested engineering for interlocking floating homes and island communities with comfortable living spaces, enough for thousands of displaced people in coastal cities caused by rising seas and oceans from global warming. Why wait for disaster. Let's plan ahead! (artist rendering - COOL spherical floating home)  Related Articles at GoLocalSolar on solar floating homes 
  • * Solar Electric Car (EV) Charging Islands Tacoma - all across the city with solar energy storage, local WiFI, LED solar lighting. Related Articles at GoLocalSolar on EV's
  • *  Solar Dome Tacoma - inviting the 10's of thousands of guests each year to entertainment/convention/expos/school/civic event venues, resources needed: solar parking lots, solar roadways and solar awnings, solar EV charging islands, huge solar energy storage farm, providing near net zero microgrid energy for the entire Dome district including the LeMay American Auto Museum (artist rendition article)
  • *  Solar Cheney Stadium- Tacoma - inviting the 10's of thousands of baseball fans each year to watch the Tacoma Raniers , resources needed: solar parking lots, solar roadways and solar awnings, solar EV charging islands
  • Solar Freighthouse Square Mall - parking lots & building, running the entire mall on solar electricity and hot water with a modernized look and facelift for the Sounder, AmTrack, MonoRail(line A, B) solar Train Depot and solar boarding ramps, solar EV charging islands, biophilic designs, local WiFi hotspots
  • Solar Parking Garage(s) Tacoma - used to offset costs of electricity for downtown electric trams, solar parking lots, solar awnings, solar energy storage
  • Solar Convention Center Tacoma - bringing it into a near net zero operational mode, solar rooftop, solar awnings, solar parking lot, solar walkway, solar roadway, solar storge, solar hot water, solar EV charging islands, biophilic designs, local WiFi
  • Solar Hospitals Tacoma - bringing them into near net zero using solar rooftops, solar parking lot, solar awnings, solar picnic tables, solar energy storage, solar EV charging, biophilic designs, local WiFi
  • Solar Monorail, (gold,yellow,red,brown), line A - making a loop through solar downtown, solar convention center, solar uw university tacoma branch, solar dome/freighthouse square (interconnect Sounder, AmTrack, & line B here), solar ship yards, solar ev raceway, back along solar ehouseboat marina, solar waterfront, solar expo, ruston solar village, and solar zoo with jump-on/jump-off points along the way, and then backthrough solar UPS university, on way to solar downtown.   line B - making a loop through solar cheney stadium, solar tacoma community college, solar tacoma mall, solar clover park community college, solar university place downtown, solar lakewood downtown, solar mcCord army/air base, solar PLU university, solar southhill mall, solar puyallup fairgrounds, solar puyallup downtown, solar tacoma airport, solar salishan pioneer village, solar emerald queen casino, solar dome/freighhouse square (interconnect with line A, Sounder, AmTrack), back to solar cheney stadium. Resources needed: solar station ramps, solar awnings, solar railways, solar parking lots, walkways, & roadways, utilizing multiple solar energy storage scattered along the rail route, local WiFi. (notes: 1] line B is to long and needs to be split into another balanced line C, 2] city planners can add a special freight car(s) to each line to move containers around the city, offset on sidetracks for loading/unloading at major stops serving dual purposes for projects of people/commercial/business/school/government in local community)
  • Solar Glass Museum Tacoma - bringing it to near net zero, solar awnings, rooftops, cone mount solar tracking array, solar sidwalks and patio made of glass with LED's. (how cool would that be?)
  • Solar Universities Tacoma (PLU, UPS, & UW-Tacoma)- bringing campuses to near net zero operations, solar parking lots, solar pathways, solar rooftops, solar picnic tables, solar EV charging islands, solar energy storage, biophilic designs
  • Solar Community Colleges Tacoma (Clover Park Technical, Pierce, Tacoma Community)- bringing them to near net zero operations. Resources needed: solar pathways, solar parking lots, solar roadways, solar rooftops, solar picnic tables, solar EV charging islands, solar energy storage, biophilic designs
  • Solar Shipping Yards (Port of Tacoma) - near net zero operations on all equipment, operations, and buildings, solar parking lots, solar roadways, solar rooftops, huge solar farm, massive solar energy storage farm to recharge waiting eCargoShips
    • Solar Community Farm (Port of Tacoma) - community solar farm placed in the vast empty spaces of the Port of Tacoma flatlands. (totally quiet while lowering pollution in the area with cheaper electricity), financed with local community crowdsourcing that gives local Tacoma businesses, municipalities, schools, hospitals, and any local building or structure solar investment incentives without placing the solar on their roofs. Those who invest receive portions of the production incentives on their utility bills, effectively lowers costs. And the electricity produced is also used to lower the utility bills of the ports buildings.
    • Solar EV Raceway Tacoma - near net zero EV racetrack located in ship yard area, solar roadways, solar parking lots, solar awnings, solar picnic table, solar farm, dozens of solar EV charging islands
    • *  Solar Salishan Living History Pioneer Village - rough idea - a rustic pioneer logging type village compound, showcasing the northwest Tacoma pioneering culture, history and spirit, acted out with live historical in-character performers of the men, women, and children that actually lived, worked, and played in the historic village. With authentic craftsman and shops of that day in woodcraft, horses, stables, metalworks, leather, blacksmith/wheelrite, buildings, church, school, saloon, doctor, seamtress, clothier, shoerite, boatrite, huge treehouses, and village store, with gardeners/canners/wineries/fishers of all kinds. A fully functional working village that both lives in this simpler time as family and friends, but also educates the many vistors/researchers/students that pay a fee daily/weekly/monthly/semester to visit the village, particpate and act out in it's community activities and buys its wares that are produced. Historical Resource solar ideas (pull together historic research from many other resource ideas, areas and methods to use here): solar cookers & ovens (baking & frying, building heat), solar dehydrator (vegetable, meat, fish & fruit preservation, building heat), solar stills for water purification/medicine/consumables, solar drying rakes (meat, & fish), solar greenhouses (growing vegetables and fruit in cold or rainy seasons) NOTE: possible partnership with existing Fort Nisqually Living Museum at Point Defiance.
  • *  Solar Energy Storage - all across Tacoma energy storage for surplus electricity generated from solar and other renewable sources is a must in hundreds of designated Tacoma areas to be sustainable. Energy storage guiding team to research, plan, develop, and implement the best solutions for each project as it is integrated into the community. These go beyond battery storage solutions, into clean green and sustainable solutions using natural resources. (i.e. pumped water, pumped air, flywheel, porous silicon, hydrogen, fuelcell, clean water power towers to name a few, others being researched, evaluated, and tested) Note: Tesla's Elon Musk announced last month the new PowerWall 9kw home energy storage wall mount device that has EV charging capabilities built in.  WOW (see GoLocalSolar news articles)
  • * Solar Roadway - Streets/ParkingLots/Sidewalks Tacoma - planning team to install Tacoma's first solar street, walkway and parking lot in front of the Tacoma Dome on E D St, from E 27th to Wiley St, with a solar walkway and parking lot to the LeMay American Car Museum. (see artist rendition) To showcase Solar Roadway hexagon glass module look, performance, electrical output. With special features for dynamic crosswalk LED caution signage, dynamic parking lot stripping, animated speed and directional signage to the thousands of visitors to the Tacoma Dome. Placing a live monitoring station inside the lobby of the LeMay Car Museum for visitors to watch live feeds of installed solar roadway projects across the entire USA. Note: Phase I, help Scott & Julie Brusaw raise crowdsourcing $1m financing NOW (they have raised $2.5million) to hire engineering team and build a production plant in Sandpoint ID. (more details article, SR3 new designPhase II, help us raise local crowdsourcing and grant capital starting 2015 to put this solar street in Tacoma by 2016. Phase III, help us put live monitoring station in lobby of LeMay Car Museum 2016. OPTIONS: Phase IV, help us raise capital and permitting to install a solar airport runway at Tacoma Airport for private and corporate jets. Phase V, help us raise capital and permitting to build a Solar Roadway production plant with biophilic designs (goal of 150 permanent high-tech green jobs) for WA state projects inside the city limits of Tacoma in next three years. Related Articles at GoLocalSolar -  GoLocalSolar Search 'Solar Roadway'
  • *  Solar Expo Tacoma - a dynamic and sustainable solar living green community for recreation, demonstrations, education, solar village and tourist destination spot with international cruise ship tours & docking along the waterfront, showcasing all the above solar features of solar electric, solar hot water, solar streets/parking lots/sidewalks, ecoBuilding passive solar, sustainable and living green spaces with biophilic designs, solar energy storage and grid frequency regulation, comprehensive smart energy management and monitoring systems. AmTrack, Sounder, and MonoRail access points linked in. Solar and energy storage near net zero hotels, restaurants, night clubs and casinos linked together with convenient access points from solar MonoRail. 

Watch here for more solar project ideas, details, and how you can get involved and help these projects grow!



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