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First Solar Roadway Installed, Sidewalk - Sandpoint ID

First Solar Roadway Installed, Sidewalk - Sandpoint ID

by Robert Grothe,  GoLocalsolar project manager

Solar Roadways Installation - Sandpoint ID
   (dedicated on 9/30/2016)


  • 150 square feet
  • 30 Solar Roadways SR3.1 panels
  • Walkable/bike-able surface
  • Heating technology built into the panels creates a virtually maintenance-free surface
  • Intended to be a dynamic installation that will be updated with the latest product developments and panels
  • Future interactive capability to allow site visitors to change the LED programming
  • Link to the LIVE daily electrical production with historical data



The 150 sq ft (14 sq m) installation in Sandpoint's Jeff Jones Town Square is made up of 30 SR3 panels. Where Solar Roadways' second generation SR2 prototype was a 36-watt panel, the SR3 is the same size but rated at 48 W, made possible by replacing the panel mounting holes with edge connectors. Each unit includes four heating elements to keep the area covered snow/ice free and 300 bright, daylight readable LEDs with 16 million available color combinations for safety signage and any client controlled programmable configurations. Though now laid down and switched on, not everything went exactly to plan last fall with the installation. Manufacturing difficulties meant that some of the SR3 panels were not fully operational at the time of the public reveal. The working units were placed in the center of the grid and surrounded by turned-off panels. (These have been fixed and a full set of panels are now operational as seen in the live feed. Also a link has been added to the daily live electrical production graphs plus historical data now available) Sandpoint city officials plan to allow the public to interact with and modify the light show soon. Future plans for the town square include free public Wi-Fi and the roll out of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.


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SR3 1stInstall SandpointID 10.30.2016 02


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