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Time to think about solar panels for your home or business rooftop. Are you a first timer, or need to expand? Time to start planning. 

Have a Sunshine Filled Summer!

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Latest breaking solar news!

We are constantly combing the internet looking for practical down to earth breaking solar news and announcements about solar technology that makes sense and solves people problems in their local community. When we find a good article we post or produce a summary article here making it relavant to the Tacoma community and surrounding areas with links to original sources for your information and research. Check back here often for the latest breaking solar news from around the world. 

GoLocalSolar News - Community - solar that effects people living in communities.

GoLocalSolar News - Community Solar - when people have a difficult time installing solar on their rooftop because of shading or northern facing roofs, or they live in apartment or condo units it is almost impossible to install solar on their building. Community solar takes an offsite solar garden or farm usually near by and invites these people to participate collectively in the installation costs and receive back the solar production with virtual net metering from the local utility or through a collective LLC distribution. Look for this in your state and ask your legislation to initiate a program for you using local resources, installers, and if possible materials to protect the local economy and generate new local green jobs.

GoLocalSolar News - Solar Technology - if a new solar technology comes to our attention from internet research or vast network of solar friends then we post it here for all guests to the website to see and discuss. Not ever solar technology announced is doable in our lifetime. But ever now and then a technology bubbles up that seems practical and doable now or within a year. These we post here for your research and information and possible investment. Check back often as the solar section is growing exponentially with new patents and better techniques to get more electricity out of every particle of sunlight. We seek to share those here with you.

GoLocalSolar - EV News - from the perspective of solar electric cars/trucks/buses/vehicles are the logical best use of electricity as fuel for transportation, frieght hauling, cargo hauling, people hauling, comfort, noise and pollution free. Every year electricity is getting cleaner and cleaner to produce and use as coal fired and natural gas plants are shut down and solar/wind is used to replace them along with some good energy storage systems. Making this fuel source one of the best bargains for our health and the health of our children and grandchildren all over the world. Here you will find the latest news about Electric Vehicle advancements, innovations, and production gains.

GoLocalSolar News - Sustainability - solar production doesn't work unless there is also an understanding of how to make the best use of the electricity produced. Sustainability is the study and discipline of how to make the best use of the power produced so that no more is used up that is not produced within a short period of time. Taking an example from nature sustainability trys to get it right and balance the use against the production so the earth's natural resources are all times preserved. Thus making the system sustainable over time.  Look here for the greatest and best solutions amnd news to balancing these two systems.

Energy storage is heralded as the critical technology that will make widespread adoption of renewable energy possible. Storage bottles sunlight, addressing a key drawback to solar energy — that it can’t provide electricity when the sun isn’t shining. Energy storage also cures additional utility ailments from grid resiliency to power smoothing.

GoLocalSolar News - US National - as we comb the internet looking for solar news we come across items that goes beyond the local communities into a national network of solutions that will have impact on us nationally in the US. Here we share those stories and news with a national footprint of influence across all US communities.

GolLcoalSolar News - Worldside - often as we research across the internet for all things solar we find breaking news that not only effects the local community or nation within which it was created. But will have international and global effects on all people, places, and things worldwide.  These news items we will share with you here.

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is an award-winning program that
challenges collegiate teams to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses
that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive.


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