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Time to think about solar panels for your home or business rooftop. Are you a first timer, or need to expand? Time to start planning. 

Have a Sunshine Filled Summer!

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Welcome to GoLocalSolar

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GoLocalSolar is a Northwest initiative to better serve the local communities in and around Tacoma WA with green jobs, sustainable living spaces, clean food, fresh water and fresh air through the use of solar and it's various applications. We've produced a growing list of solar projects that need doing in and around Tacoma to help sustain our communities. We invite you to join us make Tacoma a better place to live, work, and play through solar.


Active Solar Projects

  Tacoma Solar Project Dream List

This dream list is taken from solar projects, technology and news reports of actual operating projects across America that have been repurposed to fit Tacoma's unique energy and sustainable landscapes. These ideas are representations of practical solar projects that meet specific needs in the city of Tacoma in the next few years. These are also possible crowdsourcing examples of neighborhood solar projects that inspire people to get involved in energy conservation and Solar Energy participation. They should work great inside the city of Tacoma WA and surrounding communities very nicely.
In order to become operational in Tacoma we will need local Tacoma leaders to endorse these projects and give out incentives for local Tacoma people to participate in city wide solar projects. Creating new green jobs that need done in the city of Tacoma, spawning new economic and commercial vitality and making Tacoma a new Solar Sustainable City for America. We see a new type of Tacoma commissioner being elected to lead the energy and sustainability vision for the city, giving guidance, finding financing, solving problems, integrating these ideas into existing infrastructures with as little disruption as possible. Check out the dream list...

  Tacoma Climate Change:  Community Projects Survey

climateChange Tacoma2015Last week I attended the Tacoma's Climate Change update meeting and have been attending many of these over the last two years. The city is finally ready to put action statements and projects into place to address many of the concerns local citizens have expressed over the past two years. I have been a part of this along with hundreds of other people in the area. But we also need your help and input to make this as comprehensive a plan of action for as many people as we can in and around the Tacoma area. 

Here is a link for a survey from the City of Tacoma that will set a Master Plan priority for community improvements and updates for the next 5 years as they relate to environmental issues and climate change challenges. 

It's a BIG DEAL and everyone who lives in and around Tacoma should have their say in what kind of lifestyle and environment they want their families and friends to live in. 

You and the people you know on a local level can help make that happen by voicing your support and concerns to those we have placed in charge of our parks, our air, our water, our food, our roads, the way we generate and use our energy to run our city, that everyone may benefit who lives, plays, works, and worships in the S Puget Sound area.  

Now's the time to get involved and make a difference!


For the good of the community and it's people, 

Robert Grothe, energy advisor
   ...Helping People Go Solar for a better lifestyle!


     Tacoma Neighborhood Solar (TNS) - Overview

TNS is designed to bring solar electricity to homes in the city of Tacoma area through a series of informational and educational solar workshops. Designed to form a collective buying and social networking group of homeowners in each community. Expanding through neighborhood council districts in a fun, well thought out, planned and executed way.  



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